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If you were in attendance at the 2017 UWL, you likely received your baseline BIA, along with strategy suggestions to discuss with your healthcare practitioner.  Getting a 2018 BIA is a great way to see how the changes you've made are measuring up, with your 'before and after' graphs in each area.

If you are new to BIA technology, think of it this way: If you go to the physician and get a blood draw, you expect to hear more than just a confirmation that you have blood. You need to know what is in the blood, or its chemicalcomposition (glucose, iron, cholesterol, electrolyte levels, etc.).  If you simply stand on a scale, you only know a total weight. Supine BIA technology (meaning you lay flat on your back, so the fluids of your body can stabilize) assesses what's in your weight, or its structural composition (skeletal muscle, bone mineral content, body fat, intracellular water, etc.).

Using state of the art microcurrent technology, BIA can assess numerous biomarkers associated with health and disease.

Supine BIA technology has been used in research, university, hospital, fitness, and medical settings all over the world for over 40 years. For example, the US Navy, Harvard, Yale, the University of Michigan, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Cleveland Clinic, Roosevelt-St. Luke's, UC-Davis, and the National Institutes of Health, just to name a few. 

We recommend that you share your 14-page customized report with your physician, and discuss the areas you would like to focus upon...for example:

  • Bone Mineral Content
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat
  • Phase Angle
  • Lean Dry Mass
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Fat Mass Index (FMI)
  • Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)
  • Intracellular water
  • Extracellular water
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Daily Energy Expenditure
  • Specific exercise caloric burn rates, and MORE!   

Please arrive for your BIA on Saturday, September 1, 2018, during the timeframe you have selected.


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